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Community Investment

The entire Community Investment Process is driven by our Community Impact Model. From February through March, more than 65 volunteers dedicate more than 1,200 hours to the community investment process. With so many programs vying for funds, doing the job right requires an army of citizens on the march from early morning until late at night for about two months. These volunteers are organized into panels according to the four impact areas:  Education, Financial Stability, Health and Basic Needs.

The work of the panels begins as they learn how to evaluate programs according to the “outcome measurements,” then they read and evaluate applications, ask questions, and visit program partners. After the tours, the panels convene to discuss the program requests and make their recommendations.  Then the panel leaders finalize the panel recommendations, which are then presented to United Way's Board of Directors.

Since incorporating the Outcome Measurements into our work beginning in 2005, the community investment application is no longer about what programs agencies have and how many people go through them, but how the programs have changed  the lives of the clients and community. Our community partners have told us the outcome measurements has helped them to become better at what they do.

 Community Investment Volunteers Honored

 In 2013 a crop of 65 volunteers served on Community Investment panels. 14 panel members were honored with service awards in March 2013: 9 received 3-year awards, and five panel members were singled out for special recognition for five years of dedicated service on Community Investment panels:

3-Year Awards

  • Meena Ariagno, Community Volunteer
  • Alicia Carrasco, Chef Container
  • Nathan De Ridder, PADNOS
  • Michelle Elliott, Retired Holland BPW
  • Cindy Parker, Harbor Industries
  • Diane Kooiker, Herrick District Library
  • Pauline Niskanan, Community Volunteer
  • Sue Strazanac, Holland Hospital
  • Sarah VanDyke, Huntington Bank

5-Year Awards

  • Jerry Bakker, Community Volunteer
  • Karl Lanka, Community Volunteer
  • Susan Robertson, Community Volunteer
  • Deb Snyder, Manpower
  • Jennifer Wezeman, Black River Public Schools

Thank you all Community Investment volunteers!



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