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ALICE Report

Click on the image below to read the ALICE REPORT for Michigan

What is ALICE?

  • ALICE (Asset-Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) households are those with income above the federal poverty level (FPL) but below a basic survival threshold that includes being able to pay for housing, child care, food, health care and transportation.
  • Even with at least one person in the household working, 40 percent of working Michigan households don’t make enough to reach the basic survival threshold.
  • Michigan has nearly 930,503 ALICE households. When those living below the poverty line are added, Michigan has 1.54 million households unable to make ends meet.
  • Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of all jobs in Michigan pay less than $20 an hour. The jobs forecast shows low-paying jobs will dominate the state economy well into the future, holding back ALICE households.
  • Despite working and receiving financial supports, ALICE households still are 13 percent short of having enough money to reach the basic survival threshold in Michigan.

What is United Way doing to help?

  • United Ways across the country are joining forces to bring this issue out of the shadows and ignite a grassroots movement to give ALICE households a chance to become financially stable.
  • We are raising awareness that ALICE households exist in Michigan and that we need to address their needs for the economic well-being of all residents.
  • We are shedding light on the underlying causes keeping ALICE households from succeeding.
  • United Way currently works to provide some short- and medium-term solutions for ALICE households, such as scholarships to access quality child care, free tax preparation and financial and career mentoring.
  • We are engaging with businesses, government agencies, other nonprofits, the faith-based community and residents to create solutions for a stronger Michigan.