Why Give to United Way?


All dollars donated in (or designated to) Ottawa County stay in Ottawa County. United Way improves lives in part through a rigorous community investment process that invests the community’s generosity in 58 effective programs run by 44 local nonprofit agencies that are making a difference in HEALTH, EDUCATION, FINANCIAL STABILITY, and BASIC NEEDS. The process is transparent, volunteer-driven, and ensures that every dollar donated is spent wisely where it is needed most.


Greater Ottawa County United Way does more than fund programs. We build relationships and partner with the people, organizations, and businesses throughout the community who bring the passion, resources, and expertise needed to get things done. Together, we assess and address the community’s most pressing and prevalent needs while working toward long-term solutions that prevent problems from happening.


United Way streamlines your charitable giving. With one donation, you assist our neighbors at every age and stage of life, from expectant mothers to young children, youth, working families, children and adults with disabilities, vulnerable seniors, and more. The dollars invested in local programs leverage even more dollars from other funding sources. In 2015-2016, for every dollar donated to United Way’s campaign, Ottawa County received $3.70 in community benefit.


Last year, 40,000 employees at 180 Ottawa County companies heard the United Way message. Nearly 10,000 chose to give more than $1.5 million of the nearly $2.3 million raised in the campaign.  If the remaining 100,000 working adults in Ottawa County each gave just $1 per week, we would raise more than $7 million and truly create lasting and meaningful change. YOU can help make it happen.

Change begins with YOU.