Summer Stock Up


Greater Ottawa County United Way launches Summer Stock Up Food Drive for Local Pantries

With Kellogg’s as a primary driver, United Ways across Michigan are participating in a first-ever statewide event to collect food in their areas, for their areas throughout the month of June.

Every year, food pantries across Ottawa County are fully stocked in the winter months thanks to generous holiday donations—but when summer comes, donations drop considerably and pantry shelves become sparse. This can leave low-income, hard-working families with limited options during this time of year. Greater Ottawa County United Way asks local businesses and community members to participate in our “Summer Stock Up” event to restock local food pantries with items to get them through the warmer months. Join United Way in bringing some cheer to local pantries this June!



We are making it safer and easier than ever—we’ll do the shopping for you! Just pick how much you want to spend, and we’ll make sure each pantry gets exactly what they need.

You can also text to give by texting OttawaUW to 41444.