Lakeshore Housing Alliance

The Lakeshore Housing Alliance (LHA) believes that housing matters and that every resident of Ottawa County, Michigan deserves a safe and affordable place to call home.

What We Do

Close the front door to homelessness

  • Offer prevention services
  • Link consumers to existing permanent housing programs
  • Promote access to mainstream resources

Open the back door from homelessness

  • Ensure availability of emergency housing
  • Increase inventory of permanent supportive housing
  • Provide wraparound, intensive case-management services

Build infrastructure

  • Gather accurate data
  • Provide ongoing review of current housing market
  • Promote affordable home-ownership opportunities

Involve the community

  • Offer community presentations to educate about homelessness
  • Organize events including Project Homeless Connect and Soup for All
  • Encourage participation among elected officials in OAHC events